Lovina Tour & Swimming With Dolphin

“A memorable and amazing experience”

We enjoyed full interactions with the dolphins and the trainers were just fantastic. Four of us in the water with a trainer and dolphin. Everyone got to feed, cuddle, kiss, touch and play with our dolphin


Swimming With Dolphin

Category: Bali Activities

Experience the thrill and joy of interaction with friendly dolphin in Bali. full of fun, educational and memorable experience.

Make a date with the friendly Bali Dolphin and experience unlimited fun and thrill. It is educational and same time fun-filled. Come and experience an unforgettable encounter with the dolphin! Our adventurous instructors tease and perform various tricks with the intelligent and overtly friendly Dolphin. The Bali Dolphin is located at hotel Lovina in Melka which is considered to be one of the prominent Dolphin population in Bali. Surrounded with Bedugul lake temple and Gitgit water fall. The Dolphins at hotel Lovina will make you go agape especially with the high level of intelligence they display coupled with their flexibility and physical ability. You would have the opportunity to have an up-close contact through petting, hugging, playing and kissing with a dolphin.

PLEASE NOTE: To forestall all possibilities of mishap and for safety reasons, children with ages under 8 must go through the dolphin swim session under close supervision and must be accompanied by an adult. The decision whether or not to allow children to participate in the dolphin swim session depends on our instructor.
  • Swim with dolphins IDR. 1.250.000 / adult.
  • Children (5-10 years) are 25% discount from adult rate.
  • Dolphin Show IDR. 150.000 / person
PLEASE NOTE : High Seasons Rates applied for swimming with dolphins! (HIGH SEASON: 1 July till 31 August and 1st December till 10th January) Reservations are recommended especial at High Season!

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